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Modern equipments

and above all, they are safe for children's health

A series of modern classrooms with high-quality, safe, and environment-friendly equipment which are completely suitable for the study and play of children.


Modern, safe, and friendly

A series of modern classrooms which are built with cool design and appropriate for each age group. Kids will play happily and be freely creative in using high-quality, safe, and right-age learning tools


High-quality and safe toys

A spacious, airy space will help your child feel confident, happy and comfortable. A variety of high-end toys which can stimulate the exploration and creativity are also invested and frequently changed by the school. After playing with friends, the child will be taught how to preserve the toys so that they can be in good use for next games.


Safe, friendly and creative

Learning tools which are carefully chosen and suitable for each age group will help children develop exploratory and creative thinking. The safe, high-quality, and modern toys which are embedded with real-life meanings will help children learn many skills via their playing time.


High standards and safety

The standard one-way kitchen ensures food hygiene and safety. The spacious, airy and clean dining room brings a cozy feeling when the children eat together.


Spacious place for playing

Located on a large area, the school has two playgrounds, front and back, which are all covered by natural grass. Especially the large backyard which stretches to the Saigon River helps create a cool and close-to-nature feeling. The plentiful and dynamic outdoor activities here will help the kids develop a comprehensive physical health.