Self germinate, self rise

Self germinate, self rise

27.07.2018 Good book

Self-germination is a book about Ohmae Kenichi’s family education, a successful Japanese in both career and fatherhood.

Derived from social practice, the author does not attach the responsibility of educating children to school. He suggested that the school “only knows that children memorize what is written in the textbook, train passive obedient people who do not know how to resist.”

The author puts forward a shocking point: “The better a child is at school, the more worrying future.” He explained in more detail: “The child’s academic performance is poor, so the parents do not need to complain. In contrast, the object to worry about is that students are valued by the school. In other words, if you graduate from a reputable university, you can think of a future tragedy. ”

Therefore, his two sons, who have strong personality, he accepted to drop out of school and soon have a life of independence. And the success of two human beings with having their own company, their own careers, is the “evidence base” that proves the rationality of Ohmae Kenichi’s family education.

In addition to strong assertiveness, daring to “stand up against the whole of society,” he is also a constant advocate of traditional values ​​such as family happiness. To preserve, cultivate family happiness, avoid causing the family to break bad influence on the children, he himself still busy trying to spend time with his family.

The book not only provides a realistic view of education, the importance of allowing children to “sprout, rise”, but also to express the love and responsibility of the family between parents and their children. , between wife and husband. That is the foundation for your growth and success.

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