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Develop mental and physical health

Study and Play

Based on the Montessori approach, applied in a way appropriate for the social environment in Vietnam, we provide the best educational foundation, a perfect milestone for the preschool education.

English classes with native speaker from Apollo Center

KidsPlanet children will have the opportunity to meet and learn lessons of various and age-appropriate topics with native English speakers from the Apollo English Center. The English teachers have experiences in preschool education. They will offer a variety of educational programs which are then shared with parents so that parents can then have fun learning with their children.

The WowArt courses help develop thinking and stimulate creativity

Art teachers will teach children many art skills such as coloring, craft, sculpture, ...

Hours of communication and social skills

Social communication skill is a very important skill that can help a child become more confident when growing up.

Weekly Yoga Classes

Yoga has many physical, mental and emotional benefits, especially for preschool age. Therefore, KidsPlanet will organize weekly Yoga classes for children.

Learning Piano and feeling music

To balance the overall development of the right brain and left brain. KidsPlanet brought the piano class to help children be smart, creative, and to develop their innate artistic talent.

Fun Science Experiment

Science is a very interesting and new subject, it brings many surprises. But with the method of education in Vietnam makes this subject become boring, learning science only based on the theory and no reality with observing, feeling by 5 senses is the barrier to children's development and creativity. KidsPlanet wants to children approach science with their senses and understand the phenomena at KidsPlanet class.

Interactive game

Interactive games are new activities added to our learning and playing programs. The actual visual and interactive system helps children play different game modes such as bubbles, soccer balls, ... and have eye-catching colors and vivid images. Interactive game system helps children to exercise, play and enhance their health as well as connect more with other their friends.