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Five reasons you should choose KidsPlanet

More than anyone else we are clearly aware of
educational responsibility for the preschool generation

Respect, listen patiently the emotional needs of the children and use appropriate reasoning to convince, motivate creative thinking and young talents.

The advanced educational model

KidsPlanet employs advanced educational methods to help children fully develop necessary skills that match preschool ages such as communicating, self-caring, overcoming difficulties and conflicts, sharing, preventing from danger, learning and thinking creatively, and caring about the surrounding environment.

Modern, safe and friendly facilities.

With safe, airy and modern classrooms, two large playgrounds covered by natural grass, children will always enjoy playing and exploring the surrounding natural environment. Through this, the children will have a comprehensive development of physical and mental health.

Professional teachers

Teachers at the school are highly qualified, well trained and most importantly dedicated to their profession with love for children. The school often focuses on vocational training for teachers so that they can absorb new knowledge and skills in preschool education.

Interaction between the school and family

KidsPlanet regularly communicates with parents through multiple channels to accompany parents in raising and teaching children. By applying technology and procedures for the information safety management, the diaries of children which are always updated will help the school understand the kids’ current status as well as their changes/development over time in many aspects such as physical, intellectual, psychological, and emotional health.

Proper nutrition

KidsPlanet uses the nutritional software provided by the Department of Education to ensure adequate nutrition for kids in preschool ages. In addition, the school also regularly discusses with parents about how to ensure the full physical development of their children.